March 15, 2017 POFM Press Release – Officer Chris Reiter

“Members of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis (POFM) do not take the critical decision to use force lightly.  These are decisions that are often made in an instant. Unfortunately, no officer has the benefit of instant replay or slow motion when deciding how to respond to a rapidly changing situation.  An officer’s actions are derived from on scene assessments, not hindsight.

In any situation like this, it is incredibly important to gather and review all the facts and to make sure justice has a chance to take place. Images and videos that often look horrific must be reviewed in the context of the overall incident beyond the point of view of one camera angle. Officer Reiter deserves the same presumption of innocence every citizen is afford in our justice system. The Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis supports Officer Reiter during this difficult situation and will ensure he is afforded those rights. Due to the pending legal trial the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis will have no further comment.”

~ President Bob Kroll